Color: Ghiaccio
Color: Ghiaccio
Color: Tropicale
Color: Tropicale
Color: Tropicale
Color: Verde confetto
Color: Verde confetto

This design wants to pay homage to one of the most populous species of birds that inhabit the tropical forest around Tikal, an ancient and fascinating Mayan city in ruins located in Guatemala.

Three color variants are available:
– Ghiaccio;
– Tropicale; 
– Verde Confetto.
 Let’s get in touch and:
Request our off-line catalogue;
– Propose your own color palette;
Request a sample;
– Place your order;
– Ask for a free render! Just take some photos of your wall and send them to us.
Technical Details

– Pattern match: half-drop;

– Panel dimensions: 60 (+ overlap = 2,5) cm x wall height;

We produce custom-made panels that are 60 cm wide (+ 2.5 of overlap) and as high as the wall on which they will be installed.

The overlap is done in order to achieve a perfect pattern match. Once the panels are placed, the excess overlap must be trimmed off, so that the panels can be glued next to each other without edges overlapping.

Materials & Quality

We use only high quality materials that comply with international industrial standards and environmental and health requirements for interior wallcoverings, which makes your indoor environment safe for everyone.

Our wallpaper has a pleasant linen-y look and feel to the touch. ​It is PVC- free, flame and water resistant and scrub/scratch resistant, which makes it perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial interiors. In addition to that, it is easy to install/remove and it guarantees a long-lasting durable adherence. Our wallpaper is CE certificated.


Altissimomare’s wallpapers are sponge wipeable with a soft damp cloth.

We do not recommend to use any agent or detergent in order to preserve the colors and design, however, our wallpaper is finished with a waterproof layer which make it possible to clean it with non-aggressive detergents in case of stains and dirt not removable otherwise.