Get to know us

Altissimomare was born at the end of the hot summer of 2022.

The background is the suggestive Sicilian countryside and the protagonists are us: Alessio and Roberto, two boys in their thirties, a bit lost on the “high seas”.

Like many of our peers, we had been feeling like a paper boat at the mercy of the waves: unsure of what our goals were and which path to take. Our passion for interior design and hand-drawn illustration was our only certainty.  Shortly thereafter, we casually and spontaneously began to lay down the foundations of what would become our brand, combining the artistic talent of one with the entrepreneurship of the other. Altissimomare was therefore born as an intimate space in which to give vent to our abilities and feel ourselves makers of our own personal projects.

The logo chosen to represent us is a little origami paper fish. The oriental style was chosen in order to recall the materiality of our product and the fish, that knows how to navigate even in the most impetuous seas, was picked as a symbol of our newfound confidence.

Altissimomare stimulates us, amuses us, makes us dream, enthuses us and makes us fall in love with it more and more.

When you choose Altissimomare you will experience the uniqueness and quality of a handcrafted, studied and genuine product that we print especially for you.

We thank you for trusting us.